Monday 5 December 2016

Winter Round-Up

As Autumn turns to winter, we’ve seen the final round of the Dave Barkshire Two Man Enduro Championship, another clutch of great motorcycle test passes, and sadly a few bad weather closures at the Hit The Dirt Track. 

The final round of the Dave Barkshire Two Man Enduro Championship took place at the Little Loveney Hall Wakes Colne track at the end of October, organised by the Halstead Motor Cycle Club. The challenging track featured many twists and turns and made for an exciting event. We’re now looking forward to next year’s championship and any new challenges that may offer.

Our training centre has been busy putting many eager riders through their paces with great success. Some riders have passed both their Mod 1 and Mod 2 tests in the last couple of months including Sean, Julian, Jonathan and Lee. Alex breezed through a Mod 1 pass, whilst Foster, Jake, Scott, Chris, Nathan, Craig, Andrew and Damian all mastered their Mod 2 with flying colours! If you’re looking for high standard motorcycle training at a well-equipped facility with first class instructors, then visit

Meanwhile, the change in the weather has meant that we’ve had to close the Hit The Dirt off-road track on several occasions in recent weeks, but always endeavour to open whenever possible. You can keep abreast of track conditions and closures by visiting our website or Facebook page